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Our Mini Friends:

Who We Are


Martha Stewart

Princess Buttercup

She runs the joint.  You know what we mean.

Snoop Donk

Lone Male Survivor.

This dude is a stud. Surrounded by ladies, he is outclassed every step of the day.

Screenshot 2023-05-14 at 3.01.41 PM.png
image6 (1).jpeg


Alpha Team Leader

She's our alpha alpaca. She loves to get her cuddle on and with her lead will follow you anywhere.

Dolly Parton


She's working 9 to 5.  Unless there is hay to eat.

Then she's eating until the cows come home.

image5 (1).jpeg


Princess Buttercup Junior

Our newest edition, she was born September, 2022. When not channeling her inner lap dog, this girl is an uber for local pet rabbits.


Sassy McSasserpants

All the braincells in the herd run wild and free, never to make an appearance in Laverne.

image3 (1).jpeg
karnowski-family20230204_09b (1).jpeg


Off-brand Alpha Team Leader

She would have been named Curious George,

she's our most curious, the smaller you are the more curious she becomes.

Betty White


The ultimate trooper, this mama bear keeps her head down and stays out of trouble.


[nickname withheld]

We don't talk about our Bruno.

Elsa "Chicken Noodle Of Arendelle" Karnowski

Literal Cuteness

Our Newest Edition you will not believe how small she is. Born April 2023

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